11 Rules For Creative Entrepreneurs (via Treyton Devore)

Sometimes something so basic can help you get centered. Treyton Devore’s list of “My 11 Rules as a Creative Entrepreneur” is excellent. 

I’ll be using these with financial planning clients at my day job

Beyond the basic stuff we’ve all heard a million times (“spend less than you make”) he gets into the grittier corners – 

like figuring out what’s ok to spend money on (yes, get the fastest internet speed), 

why giving yourself logic-backed permission is a way to unlock stress (“one to rock, one to stock” which is about buying 2 of things you love), and 

how to be empowered and not enslaved by automation (don’t get yourself in trouble by doing something you’re supposed to do at the expense of something you shouldn’t be doing). 

This is a fantastic list – dive in here

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