3 Questions To Hone An Entrepreneur’s Mindset

My friend Scott asked what percentage of the population recognizes how crisis creates opportunities on an intellectual level, and then what percentage of that population is willing to take advantage of it? How many people truly have the entrepreneur’s mindset?

I don’t know the answer. I do know one of my favorite parts about emailing out these posts is having conversations like this.

Scott and I traded back and forth on this list (below) of how to hone your entrepreneurial mindset. The result was worthy of its own post. Think about how these apply to your work:

  1. What opportunities is (insert whatever is “going on” or “scary” or “big news right now”) possibly creating?
  2. Who would my competition be if I went after this opportunity? Both in keeping me from seizing it and challenging me to seize it first?
  3. How am I uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity?

Average is safe. Different is scary.

Entrepreneurs, artists, and (misc) crazy-folk are more comfortable being uncomfortable than comfortable.

If that discomfort can be trained on finding opportunities, gauging the competition, and exploiting your own unique differentials, you can do a lot of good in the world.

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