3 Steps To Organize Your Professional New Year’s Resolutions

No doubt we’re all about to have the “New Year’s Resolution” version of our professional commitments this week. It’s time to find out if we’re hitting the proverbial gym or pressing either of the two buttons Ted Lasso swears he never presses (panic OR snooze).

There’s an added layer of complexity when we’re doing the committing with a team. Try this 3D framework out to help organize a group’s collective resolutions.

The 3 D’s are:

Demands – the basics we need to accomplish to inch forward (i.e. fulfilling a customer request in a timely manner)

Debts – the obligations we need to fulfill over longer periods (i.e. hitting a sales goal by the end of the 1st quarter)

Dreams – pre-planning what we’ll do if everything is going right (i.e. if we are filling all customer requests quickly, crushing our sales goals, here’s how and why we’ll allocate our profits to grow faster/reward the team/not blow this chance)

Segmenting each commitment into what we collectively want to do better is a way to align the group with the goals. And at the start of the year, there’s nothing more important than getting lined up to succeed.

Godspeed. The year isn’t new for long.