3 Steps Towards Building Trust And Adding Value

People should know three things when engaging with our services if we want to build trust and add value:

  1. Why they are there
  2. What they can accomplish
  3. What to do next

Think of a bad experience. If we’re wondering how we ended up somewhere, if it all seems pointless, and if the only thing we want to do next is leave, something has gone horribly wrong.

Now think of a good experience. If we’re thinking, “this is for me, I can get so much done with this, I need to get started,” everything is going perfectly well.

If we bring out a product or service without reasonably telling a person why they should look at it, what they can accomplish with it, and what the actionable next steps are, we are betting on luck. Presentation, timing, and pacing all matter as much as the offering.

When people understand these three steps we are building trust with them. Our products and services only add value when people trust them to. When they are confused about any one step, we’re endangering our odds of success. Where there is trust, there is value, and where there are both there’s a viable business.

H/t Scott Belsky’s book, The Messy Middle

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