3 Value-Creating Lessons From Vocal Coach Eric Vetro

Here are three professional value-creating lessons from all-star vocal coach Eric Vetro we can apply to our own work (in ANY field):

Our clients need us to be there when they need us. 

When Ariana Grande was sick on tour, Vetro would dial in no matter what hour of the day to warm her up for her performances.

Our clients need us to anticipate what they’ll need and where they’ll want to go next

“Now” is important, but (thank you) “next” is crucial to keep any relationship growing. Vetro is a master of understanding the transition and ordering of the exercises he moves clients through. It’s a key to his success (and why his clients seek him out).

At the end of the day, reputation is earned through results. 

Vetro has one hell of a CV. He does the work, he does it well, and his legend continues to spread. 

Want more? Check out Eric Vetro’s new podcast, Backstage Pass.

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