5 Amazing Accomplishments Completed In 1 Year’s Time

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020. Let the reality of all that did happen in one year be a reminder and inspiration for all that can happen in the year ahead. Patrick Collison put together an incredible list of “people accomplishing ambitious things together.” Ready for a jumpstart? Here are some highlights:
Brendan Eich created the first version of JavaScript in 10 days. It still powers a significant portion of today’s internet. 
The first Visa card (the Bank Americard) was created and released to its first 100,000+ customers in 90 days.
After it was decided Apollo 8 would go to the moon, it launched 134 later. 
The first jet fighter flown by the Air Force was designed and delivered in 143 days.
Walt Disney built Disneyland in 366 days. 
Just because it looks daunting (or exhausting, or impossibly tedious, or…) doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Each of these accomplishments took a combination of vision, focus, and grit. We’re all looking at the year ahead – what big, hairy, audacious goals are we looking to tackle? 

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