5 Unusual Questions To Have A Career Worth Loving (Via Josh Spector)

Josh Spector shared a list of 5 unusual questions that have lead him to a career he loves. They’re so good I’m summarizing them here too. Ask and answer these honestly. I’ll add a few notes at the bottom particular to my side hustlers, work for my self’ers, and team leaders.

  1. How do you feel on Sunday night? 
  1. Do you currently get more emails you love or hate?
  1. Did you say no today?
  1. Would you trade jobs with your boss?
  1. Would you choose to earn 25% more OR work 25% less?

A few thoughts:

People in the “should my side hustle be my main hustle” camp, don’t forget to apply these to your side hustle before you jump. Pay extra attention to the last question. 

People in the “I’m already my own boss” camp, focus extra on the 3rd question. No’s define the boundaries around our best yes’s. 

People who are leaders, lead like you would swap jobs with your people, and like your people would want to swap jobs with you. Sure, you might be a strategic mastermind and need to return to your post in time, but if people feel seen, heard, and smart, if they feel like their upward mobility is tied to the teams, you’re doing it right. 

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