A Good Rest Ethic Is Just As Important As A Good Work Ethic

I used to joke with a colleague about “taking a day off-off.” She couldn’t take a break very easily (and I tend to be pretty terrible at unplugging too). The “day off-off” double negative fit the intention and unintended reality a little too well.

Both of us had a great work ethic. We got stuff done. But, both of us also had a terrible rest ethic. We couldn’t (/wouldn’t) take the breaks we needed.

Actual time off, from breaks to vacations, can help us recharge, restore, and refocus on the tasks at hand. Being better at breaks makes for being better at productivity.

A good work ethic isn’t enough. A great rest ethic is how you make a good work ethic sustainable.

FWIW: I’m writing this post in a “clap if you believe in fairies” sense. I’m hoping I can repeat “have a good rest ethic” to myself enough times that it sinks in. I want to be better at it, so I’m putting a name on it and stretching to reach it.

Here’s to all of our rest ethics. If you have any tricks to how you unplug or recharge, send me a message and let me know.

Ps. I love this “do nothing for 2 minutes” website – check it out:


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