A Lazy Sheep Thinks Its Wool Is Heavy

Some people always find fault in even the best things. 

The 18th-century expression for this was, “A lazy sheep thinks its wool is heavy.” 

One sheep’s chunky sweater, is another’s itchy complaint-fest. 

You can change the situation your skin is in, but not your skin. 

Figuring out how to make it work for you takes effort, but it’s worth it. 


I’m thinking a lot about my scatter-brainedness and curiosity-seeking lately. 

I had a nasty bug that had my brain foggy for almost 2 weeks to start the year. It changed my normal reading/podcast/”noticing cool stuff” habits. I felt all sorts of discombobulated. 

There’s a whole “why do you do this” aspect of me scratching out lots of ideas. I don’t explain it to very many people because I’ve learned very many people aren’t wired the way I am. It’s like a pointless sweater to them. 

But to me, “the wool isn’t heavy.” It’s just the wool I wear. When I mess with it, I’m not me. 

So simple, but so important to know about ourselves. 

What’s your wool?