A Weakness Is Just A Strength Misused

Glennon Doyle told Adam Grant that the same sensitivities that drove her to addiction and suffering turned out to be the same ones that make her a good mom and artist.*

Grant put the exclamation point on it with,

My favorite definition of a weakness is a strength misused.

Say it again.

A weakness is just a strength misused.

It applies to:

The crazy in your head.

The emotions in your heart.

The raging work/life anxiety that drives you outside for your fifth nature walk of the day.

Ok, the last one is maybe a bit personal, but the bottom line is – none of these stressors have to work against you if you’re willing to harness them to work for you.

Here’s something I had to learn about myself the hard way. Do you have any idea how bad my ADD and curiosity is? Take a scroll down CultishCreative.com and, well, that’s how bad it is. It’s just a weakness converted into a strength.

If I’m going to chase down a million rabbit holes, I might as well return with a few (metaphorical) lucky rabbit’s feet.

Enough about me though. What about you? What’s your strength that’s actually rooted in a weakness? Or, what’s your weakness that you’re trying to repurpose? Click reply and let me know.

*And, do check out Glennon Doyle’s interview on the WorkLife with Adam Grant podcast and her new book, “Untamed.” She’s a rockstar.