Align The Little Goals With The Big Ones

The key to getting the right things done is knowing how to align what we’re working on with what we want to accomplish.

Amy Portferfield sets her goals for her year, then her priorities for the quarter, and finally, the basic three things to focus on to serve the quarterly and annual goals, each week.

There’s a ton of other work and life that gets in the way. It’s inevitable. But, by coming up with the big goals and then having micro goals in mind at the beginning of the week, stuff doesn’t get pushed off.

Books are written, courses are made, projects are completed. I’m in the process of taking my own goals for the year and going to adopt this habit going forward. I love the idea of having 3 tightly aligned focal points for each week.

If you haven’t yet, check out her explaining it here, “A Crazy-Smart Creative Pro’s Peek Inside Her Week.”

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