Anti Get Rich Quick Bro, But Also…

It’s easy to be anti “get-rich-quick” bros. Their techniques feel gross and grifty. Two minutes of thinking usually leads you to realize they’re also “get-poor-quick” bros.

So get-rich-quick schemes should be relatively easy to ignore.

But there are other schemes that are harder to ignore.

Which leads me to the biggest one I’m seeing everywhere right now.

Maybe it’s because of my age?

Or because I am very fortunately in an OK spot in my career?

I’m not “rich,” but I’m not suffering either, and therefore I’m guessing I’m an easy target for these schemes.

I’m worried about these other bros the most (and the bro-ette’s or, what’s the gender terminology here?).

I’m worried because I see my friends falling for it more often than I’d like to. The success of these techniques is hard to deny. So let’s get this one on the record:

I am anti-get-rich-quick bros selling get-poor-slow techniques to got-rich-slow people with zero intent other than sapping susceptible wealth.

Now, a lot of the courses, cohorts, and self-helpy stuff I see is fine. I don’t hate all of you. Just a particular variety of you.

Many of these content-creator types I count as friends. Some of you even get my money on a regular basis. I’m willing to pay for insights, community, and to keep the non-insightful and non-communal (and non-paying) out.

The point is, at each offering’s core, there’s a difference between sapping wealth and helping create more of it.

And it doesn’t even have to be financial wealth.

Create more value than you cost. Have a clear line for getting there. Be as broad or aspirational as you like – but don’t target people to take their money just because you can and they’re vulnerable.

I know it when I see it, I hope you do too.

Call it out. Protect the tribe. Have some dignity people.

No get-rich-quick bros in this message: Let it flow, let yourself go, slow and low, that is the tempo.