Artists Want To Work With Artists

Kenny Beats tells the story about one of his managers. He was showing her new stuff, radio hits, and she’s nodding her head that everything is good, great, fine, etc. 

Then he plays her the personal project he’s working on. 

It’s in tribute to his relationship with his father. It’s not for the radio. It’s more for him than anybody else. But he decides to share it. Because it feels safe and he’s excited about it. 

She listens. Then looks at him with one of those strong, powerful senses about her and says, 

This will make more people want to work with you than anything you do that becomes a big hit. Artists want to work with artists. 

If you ever needed an excuse to lean into what makes you happy. If you ever needed an excuse to share something you’re proud you’ve made with someone you trust. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to let go of everybody else’s big dream, or “hit,” or path. 

Artists want to work with artists. 

Make your art, find your people. 

The medium is the metaphor. It doesn’t have to be traditional art. Your work is your calling card. 

Kenny goes on to tell Rick Rubin about how his most personal project, Louie, is the reason most people are reaching out now. 

Artists want to work with artists.

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