Art’s Job Is To Say Something

There’s a difference between art’s job and a job. I’m not saying your job. I’m not not saying your job either, but – just don’t take this personally, it’s a bigger point. 

Your job is to do something. Complete a task. Take it from A to B. 

Art’s job is to say something. Frame a task. Show the distance between, or proximity of, or opine the absence of recognizable gravity between A and B. 

One gets it done, the other inspires reflection. 

When people complain about art, or if something’s art, this is worth remembering. 

Art’s job is to say something. 

You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to think it’s meaningful. You don’t even have to think somebody should have made it. 

Art’s job is not to do anything. 

It can be completely and utterly pointless (if that’s the point, which is saying nothing, but nothing is something sometimes, when it comes to art). 

But your job is to do something with whatever art makes you feel. 

If you want to make art, say something. 

If you want to do a job, do something. 

If you want to mix the two up a bit, we’d all appreciate that very much.

ps. CHOICE (you know what love is)