Be A Goldfish (Sound Advice From Ted Lasso)

Ted Lasso made me cry. There. I said it. Not a weepy-contortionist Claire Danes cry, but a stoic, extra-human yet still tough Batman cry.* What I’m trying to say is it’s a hell of a show.

I’m currently making my third pass (they were spaced out, ok?) since I skeptically pressed play on the first episode sometime in mid-2020. Lasso is as intellectually and emotionally intelligent as The Office and then some. Plus, it’s got its own flavor of corny folk-wit and wisdom that I apparently can’t get enough of. If you’re into culture, team-building, or coaching, you have to watch it.

One example of its brilliance:

Coach Lasso’s got a younger player (Sam) who is getting picked on by his star player (Jamie) at practice. The younger player is down on himself and Lasso knows there’s no way he’s going to get it together with that attitude. He moves in for the rescue with this line:

You know what the happiest animal on earth is? It’s a goldfish. You know why? It’s got a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish.

Whether we need to hear it or someone else does, be a goldfish. Don’t be defined by the criticism of anyone else. Experience it. Feel it. Refocus on your work. Sure. But then? Forget it.

The secret to happiness isn’t living in the shadow of the judgment of others, it’s finding comfort in the fishbowl of happiness we create for ourselves.

Thanks Ted Lasso.

Here’s the clip from the show:

*example of Claire Danes versus Batman so you can get the right idea here:

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