Be A Little Weird

We all want to stand out from our competition. One of the most overlooked natural advantages we possess is that we’re all a little weird. Now, there is a line to be aware of, but we can benefit from focusing on what makes us unique. What’s different is scarce, and what’s scarce is valuable.

The word weird originally meant “that which happens, fate.” Someone who was weird was “in charge of their own destiny.” Shakespeare adapted it for the Weird Sisters, aka the three witches in Macbeth. They were one-part prognosticators and another-part strange. Over time, the strange part took over the definition.

Shakespeare’s word choice can still help us today. Weird stuff stands out. By not fitting in with the pack, it escapes the destiny of the larger group. We’re back to where we started – being a little weird means we accept responsibility for our own, unique fate.

Professional footnote: examples of weird include special interests, quirky insights, productive hobbies, etc. The objective is to find the thread between that which is authentic and that which has purpose in our occupation. When we connect the two, we’re well on our way to creating real value.