BHAGs are big, hairy audacious goals. They’re full of long-term vision and loaded with ambition.

F-TAGs are finite, tiny, achievable goals. They’re bite-sized next steps we can order and cross off a list.

Great leaders have BHAGs. They can act as a guiding light for an organization and unify the culture under a shared mission. Great operators have F-TAGs. They guide the organization step by step while showing members how to live the culture.

We’re gonna need both.

All vision with no follow through will break your heart. Endless grinding with no vision will break your back. No vision and no work will break your soul. Put the BHAGs and F-TAGs together, get the people on board, and go.

In case these concepts are unfamiliar, credit goes to Jim Collins for the BHAG and Reid Hoffman for the F-TAG.

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