Brick By Brick

Randall Stutman quietly built one of the most respectable, referral-based leadership consulting practices in the world. He did it without fame. He did it without advertising. He did it without press. He and his team built it one reputational brick at a time.

Stutman told Ted Seides that the job isn’t to covet profile, the job is to covet outcomes. Outcomes refer to really great results produced by really great work. Like any craftsman, the focus belongs on the process.

If the desire is on getting rich, famous, or even simply how others will see us, then our desire is not on the work, the process, and the people we serve. His business and knowledge base is a testament, to the powers of focus and execution. Brick by reputational brick.

For many of us in services businesses, who aren’t building world-dominating platforms, messages like Stutman’s are really valuable. We’re not usually scaling like a tech startup, we’re usually building relationships, one at a time, like a bricklayer makes a wall. Seeing what kind of knowledge, craft, and skill this can add up to is priceless.

Last plug (for at least a day): There are now (at least) two great Randall Stutman interviews out there – one on the James Altucher Podcast and the other on Capital Allocators with Ted Seides. Stutman’s company’s website has a ton more too – Admired Leadership.

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