Sunday Music: Mehldau’s Blackbird

I’m a big fan of Robert Gilbert’s Listening Sessions substack and twitter feed (@listensessions1). Not only am I crazy in awe of his vinyl collection, the guy literally seems to be putting interesting music on 24/7 and sharing what he’s spinning every time.  My tastes and his have some overlap (especially with jazz, apparently) and … Continue reading Sunday Music: Mehldau’s Blackbird

Sunday Music: Wynton Kelly’s “I Want A Little Girl”

It breaks my heart this isn’t broadly streaming, but at least it’s on YouTube. After being all fired up the past few months, I needed to relax a bit and Kelly’s trio work consistently puts me in one of my happiest places.  “I Want A Little Girl” is standard, laid-back, bluesy-piano-pop at its finest. Recorded … Continue reading Sunday Music: Wynton Kelly’s “I Want A Little Girl”

Sunday Music: Misty Mountain Hop

The first time I read Tolkein was in middle school. Maybe The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were a bit much for a 6th/7th grader, but I was hooked. Hard. It didn’t hurt to have the Led Zeppelin connection either - obviously, this wasn’t just for nerds.  The second time I read the … Continue reading Sunday Music: Misty Mountain Hop

Sunday Music: Kenny Beats – Best Since Dilla?!

I’m not a big instrumental hip-hop guy. And while there are some vocals and other things on here, I haven’t been this into an album in this space since Dilla.  If you need some semi-background music to vibe to, throw this on. Magic. Kenny Beats, give me more.  It’s a 33 minutes album and you … Continue reading Sunday Music: Kenny Beats – Best Since Dilla?!

Sunday Music: Wu-Country Spinoff

I’m not (yet) in love with this, but I definitely don’t hate it and they’ve got me REAL curious given the connections -  What if I told you Tekitha (from all the Wu-Tang albums) and Prana Supreme-Diggs (RZA and Tekitha’s daughter) were recording country-infused pop songs and they’re pretty catchy? See it for yourself. Here’s … Continue reading Sunday Music: Wu-Country Spinoff

Sunday Music: Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome

You may find this as relatable to your creative process as I do to mine - here’s John Darnielle explaining how the new Mountain Goats album (Bleed Out) was inspired by action movies (via Paste Magazine): “I can’t really watch a movie at home without getting some ideas about the action onscreen or getting inspired … Continue reading Sunday Music: Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome

Sunday Music: How Did You Know (Sylvan Esso)

Sylvan Esso is back with their moody, sometimes minimalist - other times maximalist, magic.  The quiet simmer of “How Did You Know” that turns into a boil by a minute or so in - it’s so, so cool.  Throw some headphones on and press play. And check the whole record out too, this is innovative … Continue reading Sunday Music: How Did You Know (Sylvan Esso)

Sunday Music: Drug Church

I would buy a book of Drug Church lyrics.  Here’s “Fun’s Over” from their newest album, Hygiene. If you like literary post-hardcore, art rock, give them a spin. I’m really enjoying some of their stuff (h/t NYT Popcast episode, “A Renaissance in American Hardcore Music” - which made me so, so happy this week).  In … Continue reading Sunday Music: Drug Church