Charlie Munger On Making Improvements And Accepting Change

Charlie Munger lurks the internet trying to make me pick fights with myself. As you might expect from any other 97-year-old investment and business zen master, he’s got quotes circulating the world just waiting to sneak up and punch you in the gut. Broken ribs have never been so much fun. This one might even hit you as hard as it hit me:

Those who will not face improvements because they are changes, will face changes that are not improvements.

We’ve all been a part of projects and teams, professionally and personally, that weren’t willing to change. When you don’t bend with the world, the world breaks you eventually. Every damn time. Just because it can.

So make the improvements. Resistance is futile. The world is not going to stop changing just because you don’t want it to.

Munger didn’t make it to almost 100 without figuring some stuff out. Listen to the real world Yodas. Change or be changed, there is no same.

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