Choose Your Own Teachers, Classrooms, And Adventures

I had a conversation with a buddy of mine last week about teachers and lessons. 

He made the point we start off with teachers and in classrooms we don’t pick, like in our houses and at school. 

The older we get, and the more autonomy we step into, the more we’re able to choose the teachers and classrooms we put ourselves into. 

The people who figure out those are choices, NOT forced assignments, learn to do things they want to learn. They learn to do what fulfills them. 

The ones who don’t, feel trapped in a system. Until they figure it out. 

If they ever figure it out. 

I get the feeling a lot people don’t. 

(not you, don’t worry. you and I – we’ve got this. even if it doesn’t look pretty all of the time)

Who are the teacher’s you’re choosing to learn from today? What classrooms are you putting yourself in? 

Good questions David, good questions.

2 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Teachers, Classrooms, And Adventures

  1. With challenges on the horizon, I needed a boost this morning to get dialed in, ready to compete.

    Your lines above regarding the active choice we have that gives us authority to step outside of mental classrooms and into the arena of purpose, of calling, of destiny, is inspiring. Is powerful. Is a call to action.

    I needed reminded of this and it has emboldened my morning. Thank you for making a difference.

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