Confusion Seekers

The trick to learning is confusion. Learning doesn’t start with clarity, it starts with a mess.  If we want to learn, we have to go towards the confusion. 
Talentism CEO Jeff Hunter says confusion is a signal that we are able to learn something. When we say, “Wait, what?” it’s a sign to either step up or walk away. If we want to grow, we have to heed the signal. 
Confusion is how we find where our blind spots are. Even things we think we understand can suddenly have confusing aspects. These are also invitations to learn something.  
Professionally, addressing the confusion of others is a means of creating value. Actual understanding is not a commodity. Actual understanding is always personable and custom. People want to understand, not to be confused. All businesses fundamentally solve this puzzle. 
Personally and professionally, we want to be confusion seekers. Progress and understanding stem from learning and learning starts with confusion. Don’t let confusion be a deterrent, it’s an invitation. 
Hear Jeff Hunter’s interview with Shane Parrish on The Knowledge Project Podcast ep. 74 for more. 

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