Hi – my name’s Matt Zeigler. Welcome to Cultish Creative. I’m glad you’re here. If you have a minute, say hello back and tell me about yourself. 

Cultish Creative started as a note-taking project. I wanted “to have one complete thought per day.” I thought it would help me in meetings, presentations, or just when I was hanging out with my friends. As I started to share them, people started to ask where I got all these stories. I figured “If you like these, you’ll love my website” was more productive than a shoulder shrug and “Well, I have pretty severe ADHD.” And so here we are. Hopefully I figured correctly. 

Cultish Creative today is about sharing conversation starters. When I want to talk about something with friends or get an idea across to a group of people at work, I go to the search bar (on the right hand side of EVERY page) and boom – I/you can get a quick-to-read complete thought to kickstart a chat on just about any topic. Since I draw from all sorts of books, podcasts, music, shows, and etc., you also get tons of source material in the event you ever want to go deeper too. 

Want to talk about Beyoncé? How about presidents? Maybe real estate tycoons who hustled porno mags as kids? My point is, I’ve got you.

That’s it. I still make notes every day. I still have ADHD. I mostly organize my madness on the weekends, and try to boil each idea down into something you can read on your phone while you wait to check out at the grocery store. You can read them on the website or sign up for the email list, in which case the posts can come to you. Do whatever make’s you happy. Life is short. As the great Chuck Berry once said,
Live like you wanna live.”

Oh yeah – why the name Cultish Creative? Here’s the gist* –

Cultish = shared ideas, or even shared values, but definitely no dogmatic BS (hence the “ish”)

Creative = let’s make something! If nothing else, we can put our own spin on things…

((melodramatic pause))

A little more about me:  

I love helping people who “create” stuff to find the right logical and psychological tools to get themselves – and the people they care about – to wherever they want to go. I believe EQ is as important as IQ, Human Capital is as important as Investment Capital, and all work is creative work at its core.

Professionally, I’m a Managing Director and Private Wealth Advisor at Sunpointe Investments. All the official stuff is available on our website. We’re a Registered Investment Advisor focused on building and maintaining multigenerational wealth and values. Our clients are entrepreneurially minded, family-focused, and they just… care. Deeply. We take a behavioral perspective with everything we do (see my partner Michael Pompian’s books/published works), including private and public investments, navigating the realities of entrepreneurial and corporate culture, and business partner and family dynamics (re: “governance”). If you’re looking for an advisor, head over to our website and get in touch.  

Personally, I always wanted to be a music producer. Producers have the unique job of getting to listen to an artist’s new work, figure out how to best present it work via a collaborative process, and then help release a finished product to the world. My life took a few turns and the music career didn’t work out (yet!), but I still love listening to people, figuring out how to organize their work, and presenting it to their audience – no matter how global or local or personal that audience may be. I live in PA with my wife Val, our dog Otis, and the best/craziest neighbors you’ve ever met.**

Here’s a picture or where it all started. That’s me in the middle.

*special thank you to the always brilliant Amy Mertz (at IFC) for coming up with the name Cultish Creative.

**Hi Mom and Dad