If we want to build a better culture, at work, at home, or in the world, we can start by figuring out what’s important and why. The process of “figuring it out” is a creative one. It takes risks. It takes a willingness to make mistakes. It takes getting some work on the page, some paint on the floor, and some songs in the air, literally AND figuratively.  

I started this blog to force myself to finish one complete thought a day. I figured it would be a personal collection of ideas from all of the websites, podcasts, books, shows, music, etc. I was consuming. What I quickly realized was how useful I found both the exercise and the output. So I decided to share it with friends and colleagues I thought might be interested too.

Every day I share a quick-to-read conversation starter that’s ready to be used in the real world. My hope is that whatever you’re working on, these posts can help provoke some ideas, start some conversations, and help broaden your perspective. If you find something helpful or want to ask a question, send me an email. We’re building a really cool little community here and I’d love to meet you.

In case you’re wondering where all of the business, psychology, and performance themes come from, I’m a finance professional with a background in music. In the great tradition of “get a real job,” I’ve been fortunate enough to find multiple things I love to do.

I believe creativity is a muscle we all can train, and every idea that matters has an audience. I believe that patterns are everywhere, and there’s much to be learned by applying different ideas across different domains (because when you’re booking shows for your band in high school, nobody tells you you’re learning “leadership skills” or “project management”).

If this blog can help boost your creative output and build your audience too, then we’re all winning. So let’s get to work. Sign-up to get the posts by email and seriously, drop me a line and say hello.