Create, Curate, Conversate: Lil Nas X’s Marketing Masterclass

In case you didn’t catch this, Lil Nas X just gave a masterclass on how to play the media to his advantage. Jon Caramanica’s got the play by play here, but any of us can learn from Lil Nas X about how to spread an idea, product, or service.

All it takes is three words: create, curate, conversate.

Create: you have to make something worth talking about. Lil Nas X made a new song, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

Curate: the radio-ready song hit every audio streaming platform, accompanied by a strikingly provocative video and highly-priced shoe line. This helped hit a wider audience by using various mediums.

Conversate: with multiple touchpoints on multiple platforms, Little Nas X took to social media and directly responded to anyone and everyone who entered into dialogue about his song.

What can those of us who didn’t write an “Old Town Road” first do?

Create our original work.

Curate how and where it appears in the world for people to find it.

Conversate with those that do to drive engagement and interest.

It’s an extremely basic idea, and when executed well, it’s nearly unstoppable. Even without the celebrity or controversy, we can run with the same framework.

Good enough for Lil Nas X, good enough for us.

And seriously, read Caramanica’s piece, “Lil Nas X, Clapback Champ.” I didn’t even scratch the surface here.

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