Creativity Is Connectivity

Creativity is really just connectivity.

All those crazy ideas bouncing around? They’re creating new patterns (if you’re looking).

And, simply noticing new patterns is a form of creativity.

If you can harness a new pattern and turn it into something useful, it’s what they call a superpower.

Those are the people who can see around corners.

Those are the people who solve old problems in new ways.

Those are the people who turn math into magic, put some soul in a spreadsheet, and make amps that turn up to 11.

So maybe all the stuff in your head (like I know it is in my head) feels like a mess sometimes.

Learn to love the mess. And embrace the connectivity between those beautiful ideas.

ps. this idea always makes me think of a song by Tom Chapin I always loved as a kid that went, “Happiness is living in a neat mess.” It’s about the hidden joys of messiness and creativity.

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