Dad Jokes For Humanity!

Dad jokes are in the best interest of kids AND humanity. 

Because just like how you learn you don’t have to cry every time you get a little boo-boo on our knee, you also need to learn you don’t have to cry every time you get a little boo-boo on your pride.

Not in some macho way, in some evolutionary-psychology way. 

Check this quote out, from the article, “’Dad jokes? That’s the way eye roll…” by Marc Hye-Knudsen, on the pedagogical value of a much-maligned art form. If the link doesn’t work, look it up in The British Psychological Society (emphasis added):

Of course, most dads who tell dad jokes won’t intellectualize what they are doing like this. Most have no idea why they like telling dad jokes. Instead, they’re simply moved by their characteristic personality traits to tease their children, with dad jokes being one of the methods by which they do this. In this way, dad jokes resemble the rough-and-tumble play that fathers have instinctively been moved to engage their children in since before the dawn of our species, without knowing the important function that such roughhousing plays in their children’s development. Among non-human primates, fathers also love playing rough with their offspring (Murray et al., 2016). While dad jokes are ideally suited to the modern era and the distinctly modern father figure, the phenomenon thus builds on inclinations that go back literally millions of years.

I am scratching the surface with this quote. 

Ps. Where did the President keep his armies?

h/t Bob Seawright

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