Daniel Coyle’s Three Skills For Successful Culture Building

Think about a group, a project, or a client relationship. Recognize the feeling these formulas project?
They’re all familiar. We’ve all experienced them. 
2+2=4. “It’s fine. We’re getting it done.” 
2+2=3. “We have a problem. Well, problems.”
2+2=10. “It’s like we can’t lose.”
If we want to build groups where 2+2=10 we’ll need three skills according to Daniel Coyle. We’ll need to:
  1. Build safety
  2. Establish vulnerability
  3. Share purpose
When participants feel safe, when they can admit their fears and faults, and when they collectively share a higher purpose as a common goal, the whole group moves as one. Think of a great experience through this lens, and all three will surely have been present. 
When participants feel threatened, when no one wants to show the slightest sign of weakness, and when there seem to be competing missions present with no vision of what it means, the whole group moves disparately. Think of a poor experience through this lens and some or all will surely have been lacking. 
With groups, projects, clients or any scenario involving more than one person, if we want 2+2= some number >4, the key is alignment with these three simple skills. We should ask,
How are we making people feel safe to share and question ideas?
How are we inviting vulnerability to question concerns and assumptions?
How are we elevating the reason for our work to a higher purpose? What is the experience we are aiming for, not just the good or service we are providing?
There’s a way to make work more meaningful to everyone at every level and it starts here. 
Do read Daniel Coyle’s book, The Culture Code,” for more.