Dave Grohl’s Tip On How To Get ANYTHING (From A Musician At Least)

“If you want something from a musician – ask their girlfriend.” – Dave Grohl*

*Noted on his behalf and from experience, this is not gender specific.

If you want someone who is a little all over the place to do something, ask the person who gets them to focus. 

It’s really not about musicians at all. Just don’t ask the wrong person. 

When 17-year-old Dave Grohl walked into a music store and saw an audition poster for his favorite (and much older) band, he took the number. 

When he called, the guitar player’s girlfriend answered. He sounded like a goofy kid and he didn’t exactly have any experience. 

But he kept her on the phone, maybe charmed her a little bit, and he got the audition.

It changed his life. 

Don’t just ask anybody – ask the right person (which might be the person closest to who you think is the right person). 

And (h/t Ryan M.), read Dave Grohl’s The Storyteller

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