Delete, Delegate, Or Do It Yourself

My buddy Dan told me his 3 rules for taming the inbox. I loved the succinct way he framed this so much I had to share it.

Step one is to only look at email during email time. The frequency is up to you, but recognize that it’s in your control.

Step two is to commit to never touch something more than twice. He reminds himself of this before he so much as looks at a sender or a subject line. The point is to not procrastinate when it’s time to proactivate. (Yes, I just made up that word).

Step three is to decide if each message is a “delete, delegate, or do yourself.” There’s always an action item, and best to get to it straight away.

It’s so simple and so useful. What about you – any inbox or productivity rules you live by? Send me a message. I’ll only touch it twice.

ps. I’m still on my to-do list / time block kick.

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