Different vs. Better

If we want to create value, we need to focus on “different” before “better.”

Things that are different defy comparisons. Things that are better invite them.

If we really want to create value, then we have to guide the discovery of it. Explaining how/why something is different curates that discovery. All luxury is based on this principle, where “in a class of its own” suggests differentiation.

When we explain how/why our thing is better than something else, we are allowing for the customer/client/user to bring their preconceived baggage into the analysis. That can be dangerous, creating questions like, “so then why don’t we just go with the cheapest option here,” etc.

Different is a justification for any means necessary. Better is a slippery slope towards good enough.

There are advanced methods to use both different and better together, but we still always have to get the priority straight.

That is, of course, unless we are truly just competing on cost. In that case, race straight to the bottom and start looking for the next idea.

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