Don’t Let A Lack Of Approval Get In The Way Of Proving Yourself

So they’re better credentialed, smarter, more trained, financed, and polished than you.

Experience only comes from doing. All of the inputs and accolades are nice, but outside of highly technical activities, most things can be done by people who go out and do them.

Clayton Christensen, the great academic business thinker who most know as the father of the theory of “disruption,” once quipped,

Employers look for maturity, but no high school curriculum can make young people older.

We learn what we can at whatever pace we can absorb it. But then we go out and do it. Sure, the stress of it ages us, but it’s how stuff gets done.

We can get strong in the gym all day, but we can only compete on the field.

Don’t let a lack of approval get in the way of proving yourself.

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