Dream Job (Note To Self)

I forgot I made this note to myself a few weeks ago:

Dream job – hired by an organization for culture building, but instead of talking about the normal crap we plan a heist or make a playlist for the year ahead or anything totally non-work related at face value. The purpose is to shake people down to just be people with each other for a minute. I don’t even know if it has to have a point, but for sake of selling this I could footnote some “oh by the way” psych stuff at the end. Playful connection is creative connection, and in a lot of organizations, I think this is the spark that’s hard to find. Isn’t this what ADHD is for? You don’t have a spark? I’m all spark. Let me sell you some sparklers, please. 

I don’t know what to do with this, but I like it. 

h/t Kristen S. for (I’m guessing) inspiring this note

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