Dyson On Hiring (For Differentiation And Positioning)

When James Dyson was building his business globally he had to hire someone to run their Japanese operation.

Culturally, he was expected to pick an older, proven, and reputable person. 

Which wasn’t at all what he wanted. 

Dyson’s products were different, and if a new location was going to embrace their differentiated approach, he’d have to break from all of the norms. In his words,

The last thing I want is someone who knows what they’re doing. 

Not in a childish or reckless way, but in a brave-enough-to-stand-out-and-lead way. 

The mindset to “make it work” without embracing all of the ways others say “it works” is a superpower. 

Ps. James Dyson’s book, Invention: A Life, is probably the best thing I’ve read yet this year. h/t David Senra who sent me down a Dyson rabbit hole and now I guess I’ll need to check everything out

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