Emotions Come First, Logic Comes Second

You don’t have to (re)create the logical proof of why you’re right, you just have to create the emotional feeling of it being right.

This is why so many smart salespeople start by building rapport. If someone feels like a friend, then whatever they’re offering will (usually) feel less candy-from-a-stranger-y.

It’s a move and it works. Put the emotions before the logic.

We can start by accepting that our work is not just a mathematical proof on a page, that it’s actually some special combination of who we are and what we do, and then we can focus on creating the setting where people say, “Wow, they really seem to get me.”

Yeah, we do still need to understand what we’re selling and how it works too, but it’s even more important to understand the emotional state someone has to be in to say, “Yes.”

Once we know the state a person has to be in to buy from us we can focus all of our attention on getting them there. And, if we do it right, the logic will be there to back the feelings up.