Entertainers Are Born When They Figure Out How To Protect A Group From Themselves

I know a lot of you reading these emails are entertainers, artists, and performers by profession or at heart. If this is you, go to Audible and get “Will” by Will Smith and Mark Manson. This book shook me in ways I did not see coming.

Smith credits becoming an entertainer as a means of protection. He wasn’t a fighter. He was a scrawny kid with ears that made him “look like a trophy.” He felt like a coward when there was conflict and he only knew one way out when things got heated: to captivate the crowd and get their minds onto something else.

Entertainers are born when they figure out how to protect a group from themselves.

It’s a learned behavior. It’s there for a reason. Smith connects it to his youth, and I have a hunch if this resonates with you, you’ll connect your skills to your past as well.

The true power of performance comes when we stop using it to hide, and start using it to introspect and connect.

Check out Will.

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