Every Business, Every Idea Needs A Niche, A Voice, And A Story

Any business or idea is looking for three things: a niche, a voice, and a story.*

A niche is a group with similar values and similar needs.

A voice is a language and tone that those in the niche understand.

A story is a compelling case that moves the group to action.

All three together are like having the perfect soil, sunlight, and water for a seed to grow. Remove any one of them and suddenly things get much harder.

An adult softball league organizer should target people who like physical activity, preach the value of being active together, and then offer the sign-up sheets, schedules, and expectations to make it happen.

A software sales person should target prospective clients who want or need the product, know the jargon essential to communicating with them, and then tell a story about how the product will positively impact their future.

A hiring manager should target people with the skills and interests to fill a position, know the answers to the general questions most likely to be asked, and then tell a story about how a candidate will improve the company and their life by coming onboard.

One or two of the three won’t do. We need all three for traction. Most importantly, when we really have a grasp on all three, we can make genuine progress. If we have a seed worth planting, it’s on us to make sure the soil, the water, and the sunlight are right for the growth we envision.

*adapted from Restoring The Soul Of Business by Rishad Tobaccowala