Everything Is A Remix

If you see, do, hear, know, or love something interesting, chances are someone else probably likes it too. And, as a bonus, your combination of random “cool” stuff isn’t quite like anybody else’s.

Now if you’re like me, at some point you’ve probably felt like all your good ideas came from someone better/smarter/cooler/sexier/braver’s work. But, while any one idea might be jacked, the combination of our curiosities has our fingerprints all over them.

It means we’re like DJs, pulling from our own record collections, playing the music we think the people on our dance floor want, and maybe even need, to hear. Every song is an ingredient to a mix. When you combine it with the setting, the context, and the sequence, well, it’s your party and you can rock if you want to.

James Clear recently shared the following and I thought it was brilliant:

Italy is known for tomatoes. Thailand for chilies. Germany for sauerkraut.

But tomatoes originated in Peru. Thailand imported chilies from Central America. Sauerkraut started in China.

Everything is a remix—and the world is better for it. Share what you know. Learn from others.

Amen brother. Take what you find, put your spin on it, and share it with the people you seek to serve. Give credit where credit is due, but don’t worry who did it first. Your combination is what makes it yours. Just make it awesome. They’ll thank you for it.

Ps. And next time you have a good Reuben, don’t forget to thank China for the sauerkraut.

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