Faith And Evidence

This isn’t a religious post. 

Just a reminder, you’ve gotta have faith, faith, faith. 

It’s about playing in the unknown. 

Even when it’s scary. 

Because we’re all just groping for some evidence. 

Something we can touch. 

Which doesn’t even make it real

That’s why we try new things. That’s why we push off and explore. That’s why sometimes it was the best time we’ve ever spent, and others it was the biggest waste we could have imagined. 

Lordy, have I mis-invested time, money, energy, etc., et. al. 

To my fellow givers and my fellow seekers, Emily Dickinson already said it best (via “This World is not Conclusion (373)“:

Faith slips – and laughs, and rallies – 

Blushes, if any see – 

Plucks at a twig of Evidence –