Features And Bugs (Natasha Lyonne And Neil Brennan)

I’ve always loved the expression “It’s a feature, not a bug.” 

Reminds me of my mom trying to sell me on my brother with, “Sometimes, the thing you hate about a person is the same reason you love them.” 

She was right. Not at the time, at least not to me – because my brother was very hatable then. But she was and is right. I love the guy (and the other one too) today and see the truth in the expression. The thing that drives you nuts can be the same thing that draws you to a person.

This is why when Lyonne and Brennan brought it up, it immediately caught me. 

All the bugs of your life can become features. 

As she tells it, the stuff that makes you an outsider can turn into the stuff that draws people to you. If you can stick to it. And if it’s constructive stuff, of course. Her career has been a living example.

So you’re a little weird too. Congratulations – it’s what makes you you. Lean into it.

Parents just don’t understand. Or do they?

Good reminder, great podcast episode:

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