Figuring Out What To Ask/Who To Ask

When you’re learning to do something new, you need advice. 

There are two particular types of advice you can reach out for, BUT you have to know who to go to for each. 

Not just specifically “who” to ask – but the archetype of who to ask. 

If you want perspective, as in a big, overarching philosophy question, find somebody who has been around the block in your area of question. It’s usually a learned, older person, with a ton of experience.

If you want a tactic, as in a “what in god’s name do I do next with this” answer, find somebody who recently accomplished what you want to accomplish. It’s usually an actively learning, younger (or newer to the task) person, with a ton of recent successes. 

DO NOT ask the perspective person for tactics or the tactics person for perspective without understanding how to filter their responses. 

Wish I fully understood this sooner. 

h/t voice notes made while driving, skipping through podcasts, unsure of where this was sourced from. If you recognize this insight, let me know and I’ll gladly update this footnote. Until then, just know it’s not Mark Twain.

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