Find An Expert, Become Their Apprentice

“One of the only true shortcuts in life is finding an expert and apprenticing under them.” – James Clear

Pick something you want to be good / better / great at.

Identify who the goods, greats, and gods are in the field.

Read, listen, watch whatever you can, and…

Let them know.

Maybe you’ll form a relationship. Maybe they’ll put you onto some new stuff. Maybe they’ll put you onto a new path.

Online (and social media in particular) have created a new reality for apprenticeships. They really are a shortcut. Seek them out.

ps. they don’t ask you to apprentice under them, you ask them (and then keep showing up)

pss. that quote’s from James Clear’s 10/21/2021 newsletter. Words cannot express how much I’ve learned from that man over the years. From my exercise routine to my writing routine, study under the experts. More JC-inspired posts here.

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