Fortunes Are Collected At Peaks And Created In Declines

The world feels like its trying to end all around us sometimes. 

Once you’ve been through it a few times, once you’ve come to terms with hating how true “this too shall pass” is because it’s never passing fast enough, and once you’ve embraced how “things are always darkest before they go completely black,” you’re ready to see the opportunities in both directions. 

There’s a million variations of this old Wall Street expression:

Fortunes are collected at the peaks and created in the declines.

When things are good, take some chips off the table. Collect some winnings. Appreciate the fruits of your labors, responsibly 

When things are bad, know chaos creates opportunities. The fortunes of tomorrow are created in the declines of today. 

You have to be ready for when the opportunity shows up. 

Or, to chase the ice cream truck when it’s passing the house (and you don’t have shoes on, and mom won’t give you a buck, and you already know it’s going to be a three-block sprint to catch it once you finally get out there). 

Enjoy the peaks. But live for the declines.  They’re where all of the opportunities are.

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