Four More XYZ’s

Before we get hung up on how we feel about four more years with or without the president of our preference, we can start by focusing on some other cycles:

Four more seconds

Four more minutes

Four more hours

Four more days

Four more weeks

Four more months

Four more years

Four more decades

And hell, keep going out all the way out to four more forevers if you want. We can do other cycles besides years too:

Four more games

Four more seasons

Four more reviews

Four more lunch dates

Four more midnight feedings

Pick a time frame. Pick a cycle. There are plenty that are neither measured nor ruled by the presidential cycle. If there’s a difference to be made in the world, it’ll start from the ground up. It may or may not have support from the top down. This is history in the making and we are all active participants.

Start with four seconds. Build to four minutes. Create over four days. Reach into four weeks and stretch into four months. Complete an arc over four years. Live the values and compound the results over four decades. I dare you. The world dares you.

Yes, politics and politicians matter. But what we do with our time matters too. Especially if we want to make change and not just talk about it. Whatever happens over the next four years, there’s no shortage of work to be done.

Process whatever happens with the election however you need to process it, and then, move forward. If we want better, we have to make it better on our own timeline. Choose your own cycle and get to work.

Professionally we work with people across the entire political spectrum. While an election can bring out strong emotions, our job isn’t to invalidate their fears, excitement, or logic, but to validate a plan for progress. Our work should help point people towards what to do with their feelings constructively and productively.

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