Friendship: A Mutually Beneficial Hostage Situation

I came across this quote on friendship from Allie Brosh, and can’t help but think about how it applies to any partnership.

You might be thinking, “Why though? Why is the person who does that somebody’s best friend?”

Because that’s intimacy, Buckaroos.

Somebody who understands exactly how weird you are, and you understand exactly how weird they are, and you’re in a sort of mutually beneficial hostage situation.

If we have shared values and complementary skills, if we have a mission we are doggedly aligned on, well, that’s intimacy buckaroos.

Maybe don’t tell the team at work it feels like you’re in a mutually beneficial hostage situation. But, do feel that way.

That’s the bond that gets the good stuff done.

*this quote is from Allie Brosh’s brilliant second book, “Solutions and Other Problems.”

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