Get Down On It: What Else I’m Up To, 11/23/2023 Edition

What are you doing with all of this semi-free holiday time? If you need some YouTube or podcasts, I have some self-promotional fun for you – links at the bottom:

  1. “Hold My Beer” Breaking News #9. It’s primary season (and the season lasts a full year, so yeah). As the crazy gets crazier, or goes full “hold my beer” mode as Jack Forehand points out, we’re here to unpack the narrative-based strategies at play to understand what’s going on. And stay tuned for the end, because my episode-ending summaries are pretty amusing if I do say so myself. My note-taking game faces the ultimate test on each of these episodes.  
  2. For my macro/markets/finance friends in particular, I got to hang with the 3Fourteen Research guys who put out some of my favorite macro research. Check out, “ Breaking Down the Challenging Macro Landscape with Warren Pies and Fernando Vidal” on Excess Returns. I always learn a ton when I talk to them. Warren’s explanation of the Treasury funding decision is especially good here.
  3. Financial planning for couples? I promote this like I have a wedding coming up… check out our Education of a Financial Planner episode, “How Couples Can Have Better Conversations About Money with Heather and Doug Boneparth.” This is a raw and honest episode for any of you 35-45 year olds in particular. I genuinely can’t wait for their book too.
  4. Factor investor nerds – check out this series of episodes on factor ETFs, low vol/quality styles, momentum strategies, and more. We get into how they can be used in financial planning + portfolio construction in some pretty good depth. Bonus points, I think my relating momentum investing to Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” is pretty good too. 
  5. My friend Brendan Frazier just completed his 100th episode of “The Human Side of Money” and I got to be one of his featured stories. This is a great podcast for the behavioral finance focused advisor community, and if you haven’t heard it yet, definitely check it out. Oh, and he’s got several other excellent guests too (my story is about not selling mirrors and offering reflections).
  6. Am I working on a book? I might be. Not officially, but not not officially. See these “personal archive” related posts. My take is that I know more people creating personal archives of various forms than I (or they) realize and I want to help. Here’s how to start one, here’s what they are not, and get in touch if you have thoughts/want help.
  7. Scott Bradlee’s note “The Future is Local: What I’m Reading/Watching/Listening To Right Now” not only captures the essence of my personal archive idea, but he also shares some great links (including one to yours truly – thank you sir!). Scott’s also the one who got me to watch “The Century of Self” finally and man, I’m still reeling. There will be a post about that eventually (including Tim Wu’s counter-arguments). Ps. Go see Post Modern Jukebox on tour now! We’ve got tickets for December…

Have a wonderful thanksgiving. I won’t encourage you to eat or drink too much, and I won’t discourage you from it either. Cheers.

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