Get Down On It: What Else I’m Up To, 9/28/2023 Edition

How you gonna do it if you really won’t take a chance

The YouTube/podcast parade continues – 

We have a NEW episode of Breaking News up this morning, “Voldemort 2024! The Biden/Trump Rematch Nobody Wants.” We talk about the strategies political incumbents use to defend against newcomers, why this election will be the mud-slingingest yet, and how we all might keep a few friends and not destroy humanity (no matter which side “wins”). 

AND – in case these Breaking News episodes feel too dark, we’re doing an “optimism episode” next. We see the bright side to all of this stuff, but the questions we’re getting suggest everybody needs a little more light in their lives these days. SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS.  

The whole point of Breaking News is to break down the stories being pushed at us from all angles. With clear eyes and full hearts – “they” (who want to polarize, divide, or reduce us to campaign signs) can’t win and “we” (who see past the lawn signs and can still have a leaf-raking beer with any of the neighbors) can’t lose. Any question on how to do this for the optimism episode is fair game. All you have to do is ask.

Over on The Education of a Financial Planner, we broke down “Inflation,” we had my Sunpointe colleague Lee Boudouris join in to discuss “Direct Indexing – A Behind the Scenes Look,” and we got a little into the early fall garden weeds with, “The Many Sides of Diversification.” 

The videos are all below. Like, subscribe, follow and all the stuff – it really helps. But most importantly – tell me what’s resonating with you? I’d love to know. 

RAISE YOUR GLASS : It’s been one year since my business partner Lisa and I joined Sunpointe. See all this stuff above? ONE YEAR. 

What a difference.

If you need to make changes or get a “no” department out of the way, you can do it too. That’s the point of these “Get Down On It” posts. If we’re not already connected, find me on LinkedIn and X/Twitter or wherever.

Get your back up off the wall / dance, come on.