Getting Over The Mountain

We were already a solid hour up into the mountains. We drove another hour to get even higher, and then it was another hour and a half of all-up zig-zagging to get to the plateau.

It was totally worth it.

Les Plateau des Lacs (France)

We hung out to have lunch and explore before making the descent and driving back to where we were staying.

Professionally, we talk about climbing mountains all of the time. Everything is a challenge or an obstacle to be overcome. We don’t talk about exploring the top, enjoying the view, or coming down often enough.

There are so many metaphors here worth playing with, but the one in my head on the day I took that picture was all about understanding the changes in resistance. It’s so interesting how whatever you’re trying to overcome can change over the course of a journey.

When you’re climbing up the mountain, the mountain is the resistance you’re battling against. When you’re coming down the mountain, gravity is the resistance as you lean back to keep from snowballing forward. Each approach, each direction, each muscle group is different.

Some more literal examples:

Building a successful business from scratch is a different form of resistance than running a successful business.

Falling in love is a different form of resistance than staying in love.

Making the pitch is a different form of resistance than delivering the product or service.

One challenge begets the next. Acknowledging and understanding that these shifts in resistance happen is how we make the whole journey.

It’s not just about the climb. It’s not just about taking the picture at the top. It’s not just about making it back down the mountain. It’s about all three and how we tell the others so they can experience it too (if they choose to).

Here’s to the mountains and the hidden treasures on top.

Note the cloud line in the background – words can’t really express what this felt and looked like.
Me and my guides (my brother and his wife)

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