Giant Baby Steps (Abandoning Impossibility)

“We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.” – Vince Lombardi

Impossible. Ha.

A conversation I often have with myself,

Maybe it’s not possible, but it’s probably not impossible. So how do we just get out of impossible territory and into the zone of hardly plausible? 

I call these “giant baby steps.”

They feel huge. But they’re tiny steps. And they still count.  

Ps. the reminder to “stop being a giant baby” helps too. Why sit around helplessly crying for attention when you, as a non-infant, can do something about it?

Pss. What I really wanted to link to was my high school friends’ mid-90s surf/punk/ska band named The Giant Babies, since that’s where this expression came from. Alas, I don’t think those cassettes made it onto the internet. Come on Donald, Dirk, Paul, and whoever else I’m forgetting.

Psss. Please accept Wu in their place, which is at least semi on theme. The reminder that you can never defeat the gods, adjacent to the idea you/we all are gods = beautiful. (I’m intentionally overlooking the 5% conversation here, but it’s a fascinating perspective too)