Goals Vs. Systems

James Clear has this idea – 

Goals are for people who care about winning once.

Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly.

Goals are only as great as the systems surrounding them. 

If you have goals but are lacking in systems, you won’t have any strategy to chase with.

It’s all talk and, maybe some action, but no repeatable results.  

If you have systems and no goals, it’s a non-starter. 

What’s the use?

Now, if you have goals and systems, the things you can do…

Seems so obvious, but it’s worth stating. Sometimes our goals outgrow our systems, or our systems outgrow our goals. 

There’s a lot to explore in the overlap. 

Ps. feels a lot like how you can’t really have an investment strategy without a financial plan. Also, it reminds me of the concepts of win-win vs, win-when, as it applies to relationships. Maybe instead of relationship goals people need relationship systems (!)