Horan Vs. Van De Donk (Productive Even If Hostile Work Environments)

Lindsey Horan used to HATE playing against Danielle van de Donk. Van de Donk was a total ankle clipper. You were lucky to walk away from playing her – she just had that brutal nuisance mastery. 

When the two found themselves on the same team at the French club Lyon, they buried the (ankle) hatchet. They disclosed a mutual respect for each other’s physicality. Turns out they both hated playing against each other, and now, with their forces combined, Lyon’s become a global powerhouse. 

And yet, when the two faced off in the World Cup, the old ways came back. Immediately. My ankles hurt just watching the clips. 

But so did the new ways.  

Compete hard. Go at your opponent. But never forget who your people are. 

Check out BOTH of these videos – the first is from the middle of the game, the second is from  the post-match presser: 

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